Unbundled Legal Services

When you are transitioning through a divorce, legal separation or parental responsibility matter, an attorney can offer not only support and encouragement, but also unbiased, law based advice regarding your individual case. While friends and family members are more than willing to offer support of the first kind, they are more often than not unequipped to offer the second. Having an attorney to consult can often times help you feel more educated and more confident in the legal path you have chosen to pursue, as well as helping avoid unnecessary future conflict.

With the benefits and support that an attorney can offer during a domestic transition, why do so many people proceed without seeking legal assistance? One of the most common barriers to seeking legal assistance is cost. Attorney’s can be expensive, especially when you are involved in proceedings that can last for months. In an effort to make legal services accessible to more people, Colorado allows attorneys to offer Unbundled Legal Services. Unbundled Legal Services differs from a traditional attorney/client relationship in the scope of the representation. While in a traditional attorney/client relationship the attorney is counsel of record and is ethically bound to communicate with the opposing party/opposing counsel and the court, as well as make appearances in Court on behalf of their client, in an Unbundled Legal Services relationship, the client controls the scope of representation.

The easiest way to think of Unbundled Legal Services is as a consultation based legal relationship. For example, you may want an attorney to help draft paperwork, to help you prepare for a hearing or mediation, or even just to review an agreement that has been drafted. Unbundled Legal Services allows you to pick and choose the type of assistance you receive from the attorney, and more importantly, to retain far more control over the expense you incur for legal fees. If you have the funds to meet for one hour, then you meet with your attorney for an hour and pay your bill at the end of the session, or you pay the fees incurred for the time spent reviewing a document.

It is important to keep in mind that Unbundled Legal Services does not allow for the attorney to communicate with the opposing party/opposing counsel, the court, or to represent the client in court. This type of representation is not ideal for all clients, however, for those who it can serve, Unbundled Legal Services allows you to receive the legal assistance that is often crucial to your case, while working within your budget.

For more information on Unbundled Legal Services in Colorado, contact a licensed attorney in your area.


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