Where to Start


As you glance at your ever-growing “To-Do” list you shutter at tackling #4: Hire an attorney.

Where do you start?

Often times friends, family members or work colleagues have an attorney to refer to you. Other times it is helpful to do a search on the web or use services like Yelp. Either way, you should interview a handful of potential candidates to figure put who might be the best fit for your case. You will work very closely with your attorney so it is very important that you find an attorney that will pursue your case in a fashion that reflects your own ethics and goals.

Here are some suggestions for things you must ask yourself before starting your search for your attorney:

-What is the most important issue for you?

-What do you hope to accomplish?

-What do your children want and/or need?

After you feel like you have clear answers to the questions above you can start preparing questions for the attorneys you are going to interview. Here are some suggestions for things to ask the attorney candidates you meet with:

-What are your billing rates?

-What percentage of your practice is devoted to my particular kind of case?

-What are different options for me to accomplish my goals?

-How is your role different in each option?

-Do you clearly understand my goals and feel that you can assist me in attaining them?

To make sure that your case is ultimately handled in the fashion you desire, and that your counsel pursues the goals that are important to you, not them, do some soul searching first and then interview a few potential candidates to determine which one might be best suited for the challenge. Remember, your attorney will be the one representing you to the court and every other individual involved in the case, so it is critical that they leave the impression that you hope to make.

For more information on representation through Unbundled Legal Services go here.


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